The Oseberg Priestess Burial (Viking Age)

Oseberg -- “The Mound of the Gods”, in Vestfold, Norway, close to Norway`s oldest city Tunsberg. The mound of Oseberg contained a viking ship burial of unequalled splendor for the Viking Age. It was the grave of two ladies of high standing. Long belived to have been a Queen and her sacrificed handmaiden, many modern researchers have pointed out that the ship burial bears overwhelming evidence of having been part of a religious cult, and that the two women were priestesses of more or less equal rank. Was this the grave of an incarnation of Freya and her priestess? (Anne Stine Ingstad`s thesis) Or the grave of two women connected to the cult of giantesses and the Sacred Marriage in connection to kingship consecration? (Gunnhild Røthe`s thesis based on Gro Steinsland`s work) Was it the grave of two völur (witch-priestesses or seeresses), masters of the art of seidr (a Norse form of witchcraft and shamanism)? (Brit Solli`s thesis) Or perhaps a combination of all these things and something more? (My thesis, yay!)

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