The Goddess Religion (Video in Three Parts)

“The Goddess Religion”. A tour of the ancient sites of Catal Huyuk, Knossos, Malta and the Ice Age caves, regarding the ancient and widespread religion of the Great Goddess, reaching into the Mystery Cults of the Greek-Roman world.

My views on Marija Gimbutas theories on Old Europe is very well illustrated in this article by Erik Rodenborg, of which I here present a summary in English.

I think that Gimbutas most important contribution was pointing out the amazing degree of similarity and continuity in religious symbolism across great parts of Europe -- in itself interesting -- a Stone Age symbolism that survived into the religions of Bronze Age Crete and Ancient Mystery Cults. I think that the use of symbolism may point to an actual religious tradition that, just like Christian symbols, were used by many different cultures that were connected through trade routes (like Gimbutas suggested). I focus, however, entirely on particular cultures and look at how the symbology in each are similar.


Catal Höyuk: The museum in Ankara and at the site of Catal Höyuk, reading: J.Mellaart and I.Hodder -- both conclude that this was a peaceful and rather egalitarian society seemingly focused on art (religious)-Mellaart opts for a goddess religion, Hodder is more cautious about the interpretations of the female figurines and paintings of women in positions of authority.

Crete: Visits to the museum of Herakleion and various sites, main source: Rodney Castleden.
Malta: Visits to the temples and the museum of Valetta and attending the archaeological congress of 2005 led by Donald Trump, chief archaeologist: Temple culture focused on a goddess, was peaceful, no evidence of hierarchy although some believe that the very building of the temples must have involved some hierarchy. Ice Age:J.Campbell survey Our Lady of Mammoths, Eliade, Don´s maps etc. Mystery Cults: R.J.Witts, Apuleius etc.

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Research, text, slideshow, editing and windows movie-making by Maria Kvilhaug (MA: History of Religions/BA:Visual Arts). Main Sources: Marija Gimbutas, James A. Mellaart, Rodney Castleden, Susan Evasdaughter, Donald Trump, Rhiane Eisler, Merlin Stone. Music by: Mercan Dede (“Istanbul”/800), Mari Boine (“Gilvve Gollat”, “Beaivvi Nieida” / Leahkastin), Sainkho Namtchylak (“To the Master Hunashtar-Ool”, “Siber-Shaman”/Naked Spirit), Tyva Kyzy (“Homuzum”/Setkilimden Serdek Yr-Dyr).


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