Songs to Kali

Oh Mother! Thou art present in every form;
Thou art in the entire universe and in its tiniest and most trifling things
Wherever I go and wherever I look,
I see Thee, Mother, present in thy cosmic form.
The whole world – earth, water, fire and air –
All are thy forms, O Mother, the whole world of birth and death.
“Mountains, plants, animals living on land and in water,
all moving and unmoving beings in this beautiful world,” says Prasada;
“are full of Divine Will”.
O Mother! Who can understand Thy magic (maya)?
Thou art a mad Goddess; Thou hast made all mad with attachment.
Under the influence of Thy magic none can recognize any other in this world
All imitate others actions – such is Kalis wrath!
Such is the agony caused by such a mad Goddess
that none can know Her aright.
Rama Prasada says; “All suffering vanish, if She grants Her grace.”
I shall take refuge in my Mothers feet;
where shall I go at this time of my distress?
If there is no room for me at Her abode;
I will lie outside, thre is no harm in it.
Fastying with Her name as my support,
I will lie outside Her abode.
Prasada says: “I will not leave Her even if Uma turns me out;
I will catch hold of Her feet with outstretched arms and give up my life.
O Mother! Come now as Tara with a smiling face and clad in white;
As dawn descends in dense darkness of the night.
O Mother! Terrific Kali! I have worshipped Thee alone so long
My worship is finished; now, O Mother, bring down Thy sword.
(Rama Prasada (1718-1775) – Devotional Songs; The Cult of Shakti)
O Kali, my Mother full of Bliss!
Enchantress of the almighty Shiva!
In Thy delirious joy Thou dancest, clapping Thy hands together!
Thou art the Mover of all that move,
and we are but Thy helpless toys.
O Mother, what a machine is this that Thou hast made!
What pranks Thou playest with this toy
Three and a half cubits high!
Hiding Thyself within, Thou holdest the guiding string;
But the machine, not knowing it,
Still believes it moves by itself.
Whoever finds the Mother remains a machine no more;
Yet some machines have even bound
The Mother Herself with the string of love.
(Rama Krishna (1836-86) – The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

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