Retrieving the Goddess Myth

MUSIC by Kari Tauring (Album: Volva Songs) -- the three first songs in this video, and last song by Anique Radiant Heart (Album: Embracing the Goddess)

Songs by Kari Tauring and info about them, in order of appearance:

Mõrsja Vihtlemine (The Ritual Whisking of the Bride) -- Votic Wedding Songs from Veljo Tormis’ “Forgotten Peoples” collection, 1992. Arranged for voice and stav by Kari Tauring, 2007.

Voluspa KariOla, Old Norse lyrics from the Voluspa Edda, Codex Regius. Music and additional lyrics by Kari Tauring, 2007.

Svarterabben, Huldrelokk from Sognefjord, Norway. Lyrics collected by Asbjørnsen and Moe circa 1850. Music and arrangement by Kari Tauring, 2006.

All music by Kari available through

Anique Radiant Heart: “Embracing the Goddess” -- Song: “Rising Like a Phoenix”

Music by Anique available through

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