My YouTube Goddess Videos

These are videos I have made on the subject of goddess history. All videos to be found on my LadyoftheLabyrinth´s YouTube channel, and all conceived by Maria Kvilhaug (me, that is ;) )



If you cannot watch this video on YouTube due to restrictions in your country (music “violation”), it is available on Vimeo, along with the second and third part.


One Response to My YouTube Goddess Videos

  1. Michelle Cuzner-Charles says:


    I really like your stuff and your angle on the interpretations (I know many people have said this!). Have you looked at kickstarter? I would definitely donate some money for a project for you to produce a book- or a graphic novel (very cool these days!) as I can see you are not bad at drawing either!

    Otherwise thanks for your work, I appreciate it! I am half Norwegian (min norsk skriftlig er ikke noe saerlig bra!) so i like that you are giving me some genuine archetypal frame work to hang my ‘norwegianess’ on- which is pretty much lacking in norwegian mainstream culture in my eyes. Yes so i had many feelings and intuitions about these things but obviously Christianity has whitewashed a lot of the original meanings and nuances from the people themselves…so you can see remnants but they are not really understood for what they are which is a little tragedy in itself.


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