This website is dedicated to research on religions and cults of goddesses and the Great Goddess in various ancient cultures and Pagan religions. It is also a site for exploring the history of women´s spirituality -- priestesses, witches, oracles and shamans. I am also interested in the spiritual issues of transcending gender, and there will be space for exploring the “sacred hermaphrodite” in spiritual paths and myths. 

Beginning in the autumn of 2011, this website will grow with new articles.

The Goddess and Me

I was introduced by my parents to the art of backpacking and island-hopping in foreign countries at a very early age. From the age of twelve to the age of seventeen, we spent two to three weeks exploring every inch of the marvellous island of Crete, trying out remote beaches, villages, and the ruins of ancient civilizations. I found the Minoan ruins particularly interesting; not only Knossos, but also less famous ones. I quickly picked up on the fact that women had held a powerful position in these societies, and that they seemed to have worshipped goddesses, something I found very comforting. I remember that I used to play at walking in procession with other women, and that the power of the goddess was somehow within me when I did so. At the age of fifteen, I became more conciously aware of the history of goddess worship and of goddess spirituality. The latter, I kept to myself, since my parents were devoted atheists. But to me, this discovery was crucial -- I felt I had connected with an age in which I, as a young woman, had a place in the spiritual sphere. At an age when most young girls were concerned about whether they were sufficiently attractive to men, I felt infused with power and a sense of belonging. Since then, I have been interested in goddess worship and priestess history of many cultures, including that of my own Viking Age ancestors. Here is a video about my first encounter with the Goddess. Below is a bit more personal information.

About Me

My name is Maria Kvilhaug, and I am an historian of religions and a Rosen method bodyworker. I graduated with a master degree in Old Norse mythology and initiation rituals. My master dissertation was the later published work “The Maiden with the Mead -- A Goddess of Initiation in Old Norse Myths?”

I run the youtube-channel Earth Mythic Library under the username LadyoftheLabyrinth, which is inspired by the Minoan term “Labyrinthos Potnia” and by two dreams I had about entering a labyrinth. The first dream was an entry into a labyrinth guarded by Thor the Thundergod, where the center of the Labyrinth turned out to be my own heart and soul. The second dream was an entry into the Labyrinth of the Minoan Goddess, where the issue was to feel worthy enough to reach the centre of the Labyrinth -- the maze of existence. The great message was that life itself is the initiation.

I also run the youtube channel WakeThePriestess and the youtube channel TheOdinMysteries. I will continue to create videos and write articles, as well as publishing books. To begin with, there will be e-books, but when I have the sufficient funding, I will publish printed books. If you want to help me raise funds for printed publishing, do not hesitate to buy the e-book (only one to begin with -- more will come), donate, or just pay attention to the ads on my websites -- if you find any of them interesting, clicking an ad will actually provide me with a few coins! It does not cost you anything -- unless you end up buying something you like, of course.

Much love and blessings, Maria


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